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This blog is an humble attempt to bring together a collection of devotional and delightful songs in praise of the LORD. It is said that when these mantras or stotras are recited and chanted with a full understanding of the meaning , they are more effective and potent. It also helps us appreciate and understand the LORD more significantly and subtly. All these are already available on the internet and my heartfelt thanks to all the authors and contributors. I have started this blog with a few of my choice and while the list can never be exhaustive I will try and add more time permitting . Where possible, download links have been provided.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Meenakshi Pancharatnam

udyadbhAnusahasrakoTisad.rshAM keyUrahArojjvalAM
bimboShThIM smitadantapaN^ktirucirAM pItAmbarAlaMk.rtAm |
viShNubrahmasurendrasevitapadAM tatvasvarUpAM shivAM
mInAkShIM praNato.asmi santatamahaM kAruNyavArAnnidhim || 1 ||

Meaning: I remain ever bowing to that (goddess) Meenakshi, who is an ocean of compassion ,who is radiant as a billion rising Suns  and is resplendent with  bracelet and a necklace and  has reddish lips (like the bimba fruit). With shining rows of smiling teeth and decorated with reddish silk , having the feet worshipped by Vishnu, Brahma and Indra, Who is the  consort  of Lord Shiva and is of the form of the reality and auspicious.

muktAhAralasatkirITarucirAM pUrNenduvaktraprabhAM
shi~njannUpurakiN^kinimaNidharAM padmaprabhAbhAsurAm |
sarvAbhIShTaphalapradAM girisutAM vANIramAsevitAM
mInAkShIM praNato.asmi santatamahaM kAruNyavArAnnidhim  || 2 ||

Meaning: I remain ever bowing to that (goddess) Meenakshi, shining with crown radiant with the decoration of pearls, whose shining face is similar to full-moon, and wearing the tinkling anklets and gem-studded bells and is shining with the splendour of the lotus, who bestows upon us  all objects of  our desire and is worshipped by goddess of speech (Vakdevi – Saraswati) and goddess of wealth (Ramaa).

shrIvidyAM shivavAmabhAganilayAM hrIMkAramantrojjvalAM
shrIcakrAN^kitabindumadhyavasatiM shrImatsabhAnAyakIm |
shrImatShaNmukhavighnarAjajananIM shrImajjaganmohinIM
mInAkShIM praNato.asmi santatamahaM kAruNyavArAnnidhim  || 3 ||

Meaning: I remain ever bowing to that (goddess) Meenakshi, who is the treasure house of mercy and is the sacred knowledge (Sri Vidya), who dwells on the left-side of Lord Shiva and shines in the sacred syllable of Hreem, residing in the sacred dot (Bindu) in the holy design of Sri Chakra. (She is) the queen gracing the court of Lord Shiva and is the mother of six faced Shanmuka , and the master of obstacles (Vinayaka) , and also who enchants the world.

shrImatsundaranAyakIM bhayaharAM j~nAnapradAM nirmalAM
shyAmAbhAM kamalAsanArcitapadAM nArAyaNasyAnujAm |
vINAveNum.rdaN^gavAdyarasikAM nAnAvidhADAmbikAM
mInAkShIM praNato.asmi santatamahaM kAruNyavArAnnidhim  || 4 ||

Meaning: I remain ever bowing to that (goddess) Meenakshi, the consort of Lord Sundaresa, who removes fear and bestows knowledge, and frees (the devotes) from impurities, having dark blue colour with her feet worshipped by god (Brahma) , that sister of Lord Narayana (is) fond of enjoying music from Veena, drum and flute, and who is the mother of varied aspects.

nAnAyogimunIndrah.rnnivasatIM nAnArthasiddhipradAM
nAnApuShpavirAjitAN^ghriyugaLAM nArAyaNenArcitAm |
nAdabrahmamayIM parAtparatarAM nAnArthatatvAtmikAM
mInAkShIM praNato.asmi santatamahaM kAruNyavArAnnidhim  || 5 ||

Meaning: I remain ever bowing to that (goddess) Meenakshi, who is dwelling in the hearts of multitude of Yogis and great sages, who bestows wealth and ocuult powers, her feet shining with (the radiance of) various flowers, (herself) being worshipped by Lord Narayana, she is the all pervasive sound, higher than the high and is the underlying force in all objects.

| iti shrI mInAkShI pa~ncaratnaM saMpUrNam |

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