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Monday, 10 January 2011

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram

Sankata Nasana Ganesha Stotram is a prayer to Lord Ganesha which would destroy all sorrows and was utterred by Sage Narada in the Narada Purana.As the name indicates, Sankata (Problems) Nashana (Destroy)  is a very powerful slokam.  This sloka is chanted daily for three times to get rid of all the SANKATAs (problems).Praying this Stotram will help get knowledge, wealth, and salvation and will fulfil all wishes.

Sri Narada uvaca:

1)Om Pranamya Sirasa devam  Gauri Puthram Vinayakam
Bhaktavasam Smarennithyam  Ayuh Kamartha Siddaye

Meaning: With head bowed, let me unceasingly worship in my mind the god Vinayaka, the son of Gauri, the refuge of his devotees, for the complete attainment of longevity, amorous desires and wealth.

2)Prathamam Vakrathundam cha Ekadantham Dvithiyakam
Thrithiyam Krishna Pingaaksham Gajavakthram Chathurthakam

Meaning: Firstly, as the one with the twisted trunk. Secondly, as the one with the single tusk. Thirdly, as the one with the fawn colored eyes. Fourthly, as the one with the elephants mouth

3)Lambodaram Panchamam cha Shashtam Vikatameva cha
Saptamam Vighna Rajam cha Dhoomravarnam thathashtakam

Meaning: Fifthly, as the pot-bellied one, Sixthly, as the monstrous one, Seventhly, as the king of obstacles, Eighthly, as the smoke colored one

4)Navamam Phala Chandram cha Dasamam thu Vinayakam
Ekadasam Ganapathim Dwadasam thu Gajananam

Meaning: Ninethly, as the moon crested one, Tenthly, as the remover of hindrances, Eleventhly, as the Lord of the hordes, Twelfthly, as the one with the elephants face.

5)Dwadasaithani Namaani Thri Sandhyam Yah Pathennarah
Na cha Vighna Bhayam thasya Sarva Siddhi karim Prabho

Meaning: Whosoever repeats these twelve names at dawn, noon and sunset, for him there is no fear of failure, nay, there is constant good fortune.

6)Vidyarthi Labhate Vidyam Dhanarthi Labhate Dhanam
Puthrarthi Labhate Putraam Mokshaarthi Labhate Gatim

Meaning: He who desires knowledge obtains knowledge. He who desires sons gets sons. He who desires salvation obtains the way.

7)Japeth Ganapthi Stotram Shadbhirmaasai Phalam Labheth,
Samvatsarena Siddhim cha Labhate Naathra Samsayaha

Meaning: Whosoever mutters the hymn to Ganapati reaches his aim in six months, and in a year reaches perfection, on this point there is no doubt.

8)Ashtabhyo Brahmanebhyash cha Likhitwa yah Samarpayeth
Thasya Vidya bhavetsarva Ganeshasya Prasadathaha

Meaning: Whosoever makes eight copies of it, and has them distributed to as many brahmans, he reaches knowledge instantaneously, by the grace of Ganesh.

Ithi Sri Narada Purane Sankata Nashana Ganapathi Sthothram Sampoornam.

Download Links:
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